The Civic was retired as a daily driver in 2010 when I moved up to a BMW 335i for those purposes, and then was sold as someone's first car in 2014.

Let's start it off by confirming that the Civic was pathetically underpowered. That said, it is also a shining example of how you make a Civic a blast to own and drive. Most of the performance modifications were suspension related, and I had a specific modification path I decided to take with the car.

Having serious power in a car is great...if you also have control. Although the car had a few 'power adder' mods, I quickly ceased pursuing more power. I instead focused on the way the car handled.

The car handled nothing like one would think a Civic would, and was just an absolute blast to drive. Although I am not much one for 'street racing' I did had the pleasure to surprise more than a few owners of new, stock, 'sports' cars. Most anything out there would straight up humiliate the car in straight-line acceleration, and I do not even attempt to deny that.

However, where most people stand on the brake pedal coming up to, and going through, curves...I would stand on the accelerator instead. All cars have a limit, but up to that limit this little Civic would bite into the pavement harder and harder the harder you squeezed down the accelerator. It wasn't a supercar or a racecar ...but it was what it was, a shining example of why people choose to modify 'grocery getters.' This civic would have HUMILIATED my current 335i, with it's stock sports suspension, on a twisty road.

The list of mods when I sold it looked something like this.

  • Civic Si Front Grille
  • Flamenco Black Pearl Rear 'H' Emblem

  • Engine & Drivetrain
  • AEM Intake Piping From Throttle Body To OE Airbox
  • K&N Drop-In Filter
  • AEM Tru-Power Pullies
  • DC Sports 4-2-1 Ceramic Coated Header
  • Greddy EVO Cat-Back Exhaust
  • Skunk2 Short Shifter & Weighted Knob

  • Suspension/Brakes
  • Korbach Framelocks
  • JIC Magic FLT-1US Dampers
  • SRR Camber Adjustable Rear Upper Control Arms
  • SPC Camber/Caster Adjustable Front Upper Control Arms
  • Skunk2 Front Upper Strut Bar
  • Top Speed Front Lower 4pt Brace
  • Energy Suspension Graphite Master Bushing Set
  • A-Spec Racing Rear Subframe Brace
  • Integra Type-R 22mm Rear Sway Bar
  • Omni Power Rear Lower Control Arms
  • Brembo Blank Rotors - Front
  • PBR Ultimate Ceramic Brake Pads - Front

  • Rims/Tires
  • 15x7" Rota Slipstreams - Flat Black
  • 205/50/15 Michelin Pilot Exalto PE2 - Front
  • 205/50/15 Falken Azenis RT-215 - Rear

  • Audio
  • Alpine CDA-7894
  • MB Quart PSD 213 Components - Front (No Rear-Fill)
  • Image Dynamics IDMAX10D2 v.3 10" Sub - .9 cu. ft. Sealed Box
  • MB Quart RAA4200 Amplifier (Front on Front Stage @ 4ohm, Rear Bridged to Sub @ 4ohm)
  • Dynamat Xtreme On Front Doors, Rear Deck, Rear Side Panels

  • My Civic New in 2000
    And after a bit of tinkering.
    (SI grill not shown here)
    My Civic New in 2000
    My Civic More Recently

    And Some Suspension Pictures.

    JIC Magic FLT1US Dampers
    Comparison of JIC Dampers to Stock Dampers with Tein Springs
    Rear Suspension - JIC Magic Dampers and SRR Camber Arm
    Korbach Frame Locks
    Burning Out Trailing Arm Bushing
    Clean and Ready for the Energy Suspension Bushing
    Energy Suspension Rear Trailing Arm Bushing Installed
    Close-up of Energy Suspension Rear Trailing Arm Bushing Installed
    Front Lower Control Arm Bushings Cut Out
    Greased up with Function 7 Grease
    SPC Front Upper Arms Getting ES Bushings
    ES Bushings installed in Front Upper Arms
    Front Lower H-Brace
    ASR Brace, ITR Bar, and Omni LCAs
    ASR Brace, ITR Bar, and Omni LCAs Installed Close-up
    ASR Brace, ITR Bar, and Omni LCAs Installed

    What about Audio?

    Dual 12 AWG into Front Doors - 1
    Dual 12 AWG into Front Doors - 2
    Dual 12 AWG into Front Doors - 3
    Dual 12 AWG into Front Doors - 4
    Running the Wires - 1
    Running the Wires - 2
    Running the Wires - 3
    Running the Wires - 4
    Running the RCAs - 1
    Running the RCAs - 2
    Running the RCAs - 3
    Running the RCAs - 4
    MB Quart Tweeter in Sail Panel
    MB Quart Tweeter in Sail Panel Installed
    Enclosures for Mid-Bass - 1
    Enclosures for Mid-Bass - 2
    Enclosures for Mid-Bass - 3
    Enclosures for Mid-Bass - 4
    Dynamat Xtreme on Front Doors
    Optima Yellow Top

    Some Random Cosmetic Stuff.

    H Badge Primered
    H Badge Flamenco Black
    Stock AC controls - blue
    Color matched AC controls - amber
    Skunk2 Shifter - 1
    Skunk2 Shifter - 2

    And a Couple Shots I Like.

    Front Corner
    Front Shot