It is a very common occurance...someone adds some bass to their car, or they install a stiff suspension, and then they get used to readjusting their mirror every couple minutes. Well...I say no more. Mine used to get knocked around by my bass, but recently it has been from my suspension. I finally did something about it, and you can too.

Items to gather before you start:
- small flathead screwdriver
- #3 or so phillips head screwdriver
- #20 torx driver
- electrical tape
- shop towel

Ok, first off we need to locate the mirror.
Now that we found it, we need to pop the little cover off. For this you will use the small flat head wrapped in a shop you don't mar the cover.
With the cover off you will see three philips head screws...these need to come out.
Once they are out, the whole assembly will come down...make sure you are holding it. Next you need to remove this cap (bad pic)
By using your flathead and shop towel in this groove.
If you do like I did at this point and move inside out of the heat, you might need to shoo away the dog.
When the dog is gone, you need to get your torx driver and remove this screw.
Then remove this plastic piece by carefully prying on it with your flat head until it shoots across the room. At this point you might have to yell at the dog not to eat it.
When you recover the piece, you need to wrap it in electrical tape until it fits snugly in the hole you pulled it out of. The idea here is to keep this plastic piece from moving, and only let the metal ball move around inside the piece. This will really tighten up your mirror.
When you have it wrapped where it fits snugly in the hole, go ahead and put the two pieces back together.
Now you need to put that plate you took off back on, and tighten it will have to force it a bit. If you cannot get the screw to catch the first couple threads, even with good pressure, you need to cut some of the tape off the top of that little ball. Once you catch a thread or two the screw will pull it down for you.
And that is all she wrote folks. Put the cover back on that piece, reinstall it in the car, and put the cover back on that part. You will notice that you can still adjust your mirror...but it takes MUCH more effort...and now it should stay in place, unless you are pushing some very high SPL.