What oil should I use? How much do I need?
You'll need 6.5 liters, and if you're in the USA/Canada, then you need to use an LL-01 oil. If you're in the EU, then you'll need to use an LL-04 oil. I'll leave the brand up to you; just use what you're comfortable with, that fits your driving habits. I personally use Motul 8100 X-cess.

Here are the tools you will need:
Rhino Ramps
17mm wrench or socket/ratchet
Some Shop Towels

To get started go ahead and get the front of the car raised up. I'm at the stock Sport Suspension ride height, so the easiest way to do this for me was with Rhino Ramps.
Now you can get up under the car and find the oil drain bolt, it is hidden behind this door; if you can't turn the latch by hand just use a flathead or a quarter or something.
After you have the door open you can just lift it off. Next you need to go ahead and break loose the oil pan drain bolt with your 17mm wrench...just crack it loose for now, don't remove it any further.
Now get yourself a drain pan under the engine, making sure to place the pan far enough to the passenger side of the car to account for the stong stream of oil that will shoot out when the drain bolt is removed. Once you have the pan positioned go ahead and remove your drain bolt by hand. After you get that last thread free you will have quite a stream of oil coming out. Let the oil drain until you have maybe a drop or two a minute coming out.
While the oil is draining you can go ahead and get the old oil filter out and a new one in it's place. This is the cover/holder for your oil filter, so go ahead and crack it loose.
Once you have it out just pull the filter element off of it, and then you can see two o-rings that will need to be replaced; these should be included with your new filter. Make sure to coat the new o-rings with a bit of new oil before installing them, then put the new filter element on and screw it back into place.
Once all the oil has drained out go ahead and get the drain bolt back into place, but don't forget to put the new crush washer on the bolt...this should have been included with your filter too.

After you get the drain bolt back in go ahead and add your new oil via the filler cap in the middle of the engine cover. Next you will need to start the car and check for any leaks. If you find any then just tighten up the filter or drain bolt...whichever is needed.

If there are no leaks then just lower the car off the jack stands and you are done!